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Remember that Very Important Scholary Paper I wrote a few years back where I compared Jose Reyes & Lasting Milledge (remember him? and we all know when you have to preface something "hey do you remember.." the answer is 'no, let me remind you') -- and the final hypothesis was Mets fans as a whole are racist as fuck, but through differing degrees depending on the different degrees of a players skintone?

Well, I was mumbling in my tears and sadness of Reyes going to the Marlins that I should update that with some of the terrible things I was finding online (and that thing from 4 spring seasons ago where some realllllllllly screechy lady was screaming at Jose and then started saying something like oh he can't even understand me anyway. And he walked over and glared at her through the spring training chainlink fence and pretty much said fuck you bitch' in Spanish <33333333333333333)

But then I realized, you know, well if I update it, I can't still compare Lastings because where the fuck is he anyway (and I decided maybe I should in Part Dos compare Jose & Pujols' exists and fan reaction)
The Tokyo Yakult Swallows have announced the signing of outfielder Lastings Milledge, according to a Sanspo report passed on by Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker. The deal is worth approximately $570K plus performance bonuses and includes a club option for 2013.

The Mets selected Milledge, now 26, with the 12th overall selection in the 2003 draft. He made the Major Leagues in 2006 and posted a .787 OPS in '07 as a 22-year-old. However the Mets traded him to Washington after the 2007 season and before long the Nationals sent him to Pittsburgh. Milledge signed with the White Sox before the 2011 season, but appeared in just two games for Chicago. He spent most of the season at Triple-A, where he posted a .295/.364/.441 line in 505 plate appearances.
So, in conclusion, don't EVER be happy to play the sport of baseball because racists will call you names and you'll get a big head with your new-found fame as a rapper slash player and end up playing in Japan before you are 30.


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