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I like hockey.

I like rap music.

I like Southern hockey (trust me, not every hockey fan does).

I like country music (even if what they play today is pop-bullshit, my grandfather has a Hank Williams Sr. record that is literally a record, but also has a copy in 8-track, something called beta? beca?, cassette, and cd).

If A Very Important Hockey Game is played in a particular state or area I want the sort of music played or popularized or is FROM that state or area to be played if they can during The Very Important Hockey Game.

I finally figured out the context I was using for an example was actually this years (2011) MLB all-star game, but the idea is the same -- they were in Arizona (bands off the top of my head from Arizona (factoring in that I am a savant sometimes about music): Jimmy Eat World, Gin Blossoms, and one of the Linkin Park guys lived there for awhile). Instead of any of those (who are we bullshitting I was hoping for Jimmy...) they had Jason Aldean, a (beautiful, wonderful, amazing) country singer -- singing about....

Georgia Clay.

As the mostly Latino All-Stars walked by them or ignored him and his band in such an amazing terrible, awkward way.

Anyway. For today's (now yesterdays) Very Important Hockey Game (the New Year's Day Classic that had to be the Jan. 2nd Classic) - they were in South Philly. Now, a) everyone knows Will Smith is from West Philly so he was out. but, also b) THE ROOTS PERFORMED INSTEAD AND EVERYTHING WAS WONDERFUL.

Except of course people on twitter (including those I follow) were like wtf is this.

Now, I realize:

- rap is not everyone's cup of tea

- The Roots are very eclectic and way the rink is set up, acoustics aren't the best

- even though we (~we~) being the local NYC/NJ/Philly area hockey teams of had men who are POC, it's still rare enough that every time my (very un-racist) mother saw Mark Fraser, she would go: "oh.... oh, that is a VERY black man." (which, shade-wise compared to my childhood crushes of Anson Carter and Kevin Weekes he's very pale. Actually, when Danius Zubrus gets a tan, he might've been darker then Fraser was). Because it's just so 'rare' and shit, which is terrible that it's 2012 and someone can throw a banana on the ice at a black player.

All that gibberish being said: if you say, and I quote: the hockey demographic doesn't like this kind of "music." and then later say, oh I like The Roots though. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

I will side-eye you like crazy, but benefit of the doubt (I have a racist grandmother, I know when to pick and choose my battles).

However you then add: Hip-hop is inappropriate for this audience, as is opera, polka, etc. [empthasis is mine] then I will just call out bullshit.

What you are saying to me without reallly saying it is:

- you ARE a racist (because The Roots = black = SCARY SOUTH PHILLY GUYS, YOU GUISE)

- you are trapped in a pigeonhole'd box when it comes to music and that is sad and I pity that you've only tasted the red, orange, yellow and greens -- without tasting the blue, indigo and violets of the rainbow that is music.

- what? if we don't listen to classic rock (AC/DC for the Devils opener), rock (Nickleback, do I need to explain that one?) or country (paging Mr. Aldean!!11) as openers for hockey games, it won't fly well because hockey fans are arrogant racist assholes?

I mean, what are you REALLY trying to say to me?

Also, I want to point out RE: Opera -- an opera house is looking to buy one of the struggling midwest-y division teams and I think it would be beautiful if the two combined. Also, polka? I was raised by Jimmy Sturr (look him up!) and Weird Al -- there is NOTHING wrong with polka!

I think part of my problem with this (besides the giant "DING DING DING let me guess - you think PK Subban showboats too much and should just stick to playing hockey?") is just how .... sad a life where you limit your musical choices are.

I mean, yeah "rap is crap" and all that, Mr. Perfect (google it!) but to say allllllll rap is crap is pretty ... sad. Same thing if you drop in "rock music" or "spanish music" or even "country music" just because to me you sound like one of those hipsters who are all blah blah blah you mean you DONT listen to (misc. crappy band no one will remember in 10 years but you only like because it's cool to like)??? It's the same thing, but backwards, you know?

Rap isn't one TYPE of music (and I'm even saying rap when I usually say hip hop but one thing at a time) it's a zillion different sub-genres. And to assume that a hockey crowd (in the city where THE GODDAMNED ROOTS GOT THEIR START) would turn their noses at it (the acoustics were crap, so that's an acceptable reason if you did get to see them) because it's not "our" type of music? That shit is completely Ludacris.

As far as I can see, I've made it to the threshold
Lord knows I've waited for this a lifetime
And I'm an icon when I let my light shine
Shine bright as an example of a champion


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